Scottish Straight 

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Being in contact at all times is a wonderful thing. Our choice of Scottish Straight Cattery as our breeder was heavily influenced by the fact that we knew these cats were part of our family and were so well cared for. Our interaction with Scottish Straight Cattery was outstanding. It was amazing to see photos of our kitten the day he was born (and all the updates, too.) I thought the entire process was fantastic and I strongly suggest Scottish Straight Cattery.
the proprietor's sincere affection and genuine concern for each kitten. When compared to other kittens I have brought into my family, a Scottish Straight cattery really stands out in terms of sociability and attitude. I would suggest them to anyone looking for a happy, affectionate, and breathtakingly beautiful kitten.
Liz & Daniel | North Carolina
Love Scottish Straight to pieces. If we decide to have another baby (one day! ), we will definitely go through April again, and I would highly recommend her to anyone thinking about having a Scottish Straight baby.
So, a month has passed since we brought Rocky Roo home from Scottish Straight Cattery, and we must admit that our kitten was a lucky find. In addition to being content and healthy, he also exudes a lovely disposition and a hilarious personality. Thank you so much Cattery for bringing Rocky Roo into our lives.
Craig & Kate | Pennsylvania
Anyone looking for a kitten should know that THIS breeder has the most adorable, loving kittens. Exceptional customer service, excellent communication, and prompt answers to any questions. She genuinely wants the best for you, the kittens, and the union. She's very down to earth, amiable, and professional, and you can tell she loves what she does.
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Shannon | California