Scottish Straight

The Scottish Straight is a domestic cat breed recognized for its distinct morphological and temperamental qualities. They look like Scottish Folds but have straight ears instead of folded ones.

Scottish Straight

Scottish Straight Cats

From five weeks after birth, the prices of our Scottish Straight kittens are been given out. The breed has somewhat larger ears that are positioned with good width so that the typical roundness of the skull is not disrupted. Scottish Straights have a big head, large eyes, and a compact physique, making them a lovely and endearing cat.

We (my husband and I) raise the Scottish Straight Kittens for sale in our home in Minnesota, right here with us and my family. We deliberately breed for demeanor, generosity, prosperity, and grandeur. Our selection of tints includes white, orange, calico, black, grey, silver, and munchkin kittens in addition to shades that can be purchased and ones that are pointed toward the reception. Most of the Scottish fold cats we have for sale have standard short legs, by far. We are a Scottish Straight breeders with Tica registration. Scottish Straight kittens, which we also breed, are ready to leave. We’re a registered cattery. Our available Standard short-leg Munchkin kittens for sale and Scottish Straight kittens for sale page features pictures of our Munchkin kittens for sale that we take between 5 and 6 days after they are born to freshen up our website. Please email us to inquire about our inventory.


  • Your own personal Scottish Straight!
  • vaccinations, numerous dewormings, and a veterinarian’s health certificate
  • Two years of genetic health assurance
  • General health guarantee when your vet sees your cat within 72 hours
  • A thorough 16 page Kitty Kare Booklet with links and information on how to care for your new pet
  • Regular updates that include images and videos
  • A Kitty Kare package containing a variety of treats for you and your cat (pick ups only)
  • A chance to win a very generous prize of your choice in an Amazon contest a blanket scented with the scents of
  • Mommy cat and siblings to ease the transition to your house
  • Continual, round-the-clock customer service… Priceless!

Current Litter Available for Reservations

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You have access to a variety of delivery options from us. We only deliver to the lower 48 states.

Kitty Stork VIP Deluxe Delivery:

Alaska and Hawaii are exclude from the all-inclusive policy for the United States. We can give you a price quote for hand delivering your furry child into your arms. Personalized air or road delivery. The airline option is a full package that includes en route picture updates and an in-flight nanny. Your nearest airport will receive your package. Only a few hours' drive from our cattery can be cover by car delivery.

You Fly To Us

Fly to our Cattery in Minnesota on your own dime by purchasing a plane ticket. At no additional cost, a representative will meet you at the airport and personally deliver your pet. A carrier authorized by an airline is required. The veterinarian will provide all necessary flight documentation at no additional cost.

You Drive To Cattery Cattery

Located near us! Pick up your pet! Our preferred approach. Simply pick up your infant when you are about to leave again if you would like to stay a few days. If you want to relax with your fluffy friend and order room service while you get to know each other, there are gorgeous pet-friendly resorts just 20 minutes from the cattery.


You must submit an application and, if accept, a $500 refundable deposit in order to be placed on the waiting list. You can get in touch with us first to see if your preferred cat is available before doing that. Once you’re on the waiting list, your spot will be reserved for the cat of your choice. Get on the waiting list if you want the desired kitten. Being placed on the wait list before purchasing a Scottish Straight cat is highly unlikely.


If you’d like to be contact when a kitten becomes available but aren’t ready to make a deposit just yet, you can be add to our “free” Contact List. Only after everyone on the waitlist has a chance to get the kitten will you be given the opportunity to purchase. Once you are added to the contact list, you are not obligated to purchase a kitten. Please be aware that due to the high demand for some kittens, you might not hear from us because there are typically people who have paid a deposit on the waiting list for standards and some nonstandards.